The Sensitivity Doctors

Welcome to the Sensitivity Doctors Podcast. Here we explore everything from overcoming anxiety to living in a world not always designed for our sensitive wiring. Whether its navigating business, parenthood, overcoming trauma, or getting what you want out of your relationships - we invite you to this empowering journey of self-empowerment and growth.

Hosted by fellow highly sensitive persons Drs. Amelia Kelley & Jeanne Retief.

Dr. Amelia Kelly is a trauma-informed therapist, author, podcaster and researcher. Her specialties include: Art therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, and Brainspotting. Her work focuses on women’s issues, empowering survivors of abuse and relationship trauma, Highly Sensitive Persons, motivation, healthy living, and adult ADHD.

Dr. Jeanne Retief is the CEO & Founder of FIGGI Life & Beauty. She is an anxious overachiever with panic disorder, author of the FIGGI blog, and creator of FIGGI skincare for sensitive souls.